How to Choose the Best Flushable Cat Litter

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Flushable cat litter is a convenient product which makes it easier for owners of felines to care for their pets and keep their homes clean and fresh. If you’re interested in purchasing flushable cat litter, you should know that there are five top-rated formulas which are affordable and work very well. All come from trusted manufacturers with great reputations.


Our team of cat litter experts have researched plenty of flushable cat litter products online and then selected five top products. Our goal is to help you find the most impressive product in the least amount of time. We’ve stepped in to take care of part of the comparison-shopping for you, in order to ensure that you’re able to find a premium formula in no time flat.


When you choose one of our top five picks, you really can’t make a mistake. All are very impressive, affordable and easy to use. As well, all are safe for cats and control odor very well. Today, we’d like to share more information about what flushable cat litter is and also share the key benefits and features of some of the best flushable cat litter formulas…


We’ll begin by talking about the key advantages of flushable kitty litter, versus conventional cat litter.


Comparison table:


Pride Fresh
Pride Fresh

Pride Fresh
Cat’s Pride Fresh Ultimate Care World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping FormulasWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter
Info:-10+ day odor control*
-Strong clumping
-Fresh, clean scent
-And it's 50% lighter!
-Outstanding odor control
-Quick clumping & easy scooping
-Flushable/Septic safe
-99% Dust free
-Pet, People & planet friendly
-2x more powerful odor elimination*
-Clumps 2x faster and firmer for easy scooping*
-No added dyes, perfumes or dust
-100% Biodegradable
-Purrfect for single- and multi-cat homes
Packing:10 lbs7-36lb7-15lb
More:Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon



Why Is Flushable Cat Litter Such as Smart Buy?


Convenience is really the key advantage of flushable cat litter. It works like most cat litter does. However, it may be flushed away instead of needing to be taken out with the rest of the household garbage. This means that it may be dispatched immediately, rather than being placed in kitchen garbage cans, where it will need to stay until it’s time to take the garbage out.


Since cat litter contains feces and urine and may not smell so nice after it’s been used, being able to flush it away in an instant is definitely a good thing. Most people who switch to flushable cat litter formulas don’t go back to the conventional types. They get used to the ease of disposal via their own home toilets and have no wish to dispose of cat litter in another way.


This flushable type of product was designed for modern, busy people who want the most practical performance from cat litter. It makes it easier to enjoy a pet while also enjoying a tidy home which smells nice. Before flushable cat litter came into being, managing disposal of kitty litter was often a dirty job and a lot more time-consuming. So, it is nice to know that this type of product is available.


Since they do need to move through household plumbing systems, these types of cat litters have a lighter-than-average texture. Generally, they cost about the same as other forms of cat litter. However, since they are lighter in the bag or container, some consumers assume that they just aren’t getting as much for their money. This is an illusion. It’s just a lighter form of cat litter and a bag or container will last as long as a heavier bag or container of conventional cat litter.


Some stores don’t carry flushable cat litter, but others, such as big grocery stores and pet stores, will probably have a good selection. If you want to avoid hunting for this product in your own community, think about ordering online. You’ll probably pay less overall, as online retailers tend to charge less for what they sell, due to lower overhead.


As well, shopping online will be so easy. You can do it from a mobile device while you’re on the go or shop via your own home computer or tablet. Why pound the pavement or drive in order to get what you need, when you may order it online and then have it delivered to your door or to the closest postal depot?


Before you buy flushable cat litter, you should know that it’s not always right for homes with septic tanks. If you do have a septic tank and you’re wondering if a particular form of flushable cat litter is appropriate, be sure to check product details at online retailers before you buy. We’ve included this information in our product reviews, which are posted below, when we could find the information. It’s just something that you may want to think about.


Now that we’ve talked about the advantages of flushable cat litter, we’d like to share reviews of the five best flushable cat litter products. One of them may be perfect for your own household and all are available online, via the world’s largest online retailer.


We based our picks on overall performance, odor control, easy of use, pet-friendliness and cleanliness. We’ve also considered brand reputation. After careful research, we believe that we’ve found five formulas which really deliver.


1.) Cat’s Pride Fresh Ultimate Care


Cat's Pride Fresh Ultimate Care Lightweight Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Litter

This cat litter from Cat’s Pride provides superlative control of odor and it’s also a dust-free formula. This flushable cat litter provides thirty-five days of performance, while
also being unscented and hypoallergenic. It’s a multi-cat litter and it offers very strong clumps. Big clumps which are strong make scooping easier.


Since it’s lightweight, it weighs about half of what conventional cat litter weighs. Also, this is a low-tracking formula, which means that your feline won’t carry a lot of the cat litter along with him or her while moving through the household. It’s always nice to go for a low-tracking formula if you can find one. It will make taking care of your home easier. Formulas which aren’t low-tracking often make quite a mess, so a formula which doesn’t get tracked around is definitely going to make your life easier.


Cat’s Pride is an established manufacturer of cat litter. When you choose this formula, you’ll be buying a brand which is trusted and respected.


Check Price on Amazon


2.) World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula


World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping FormulaAnother good option is World’s Best Cat Litter. If you like formulas with pure ingredients, you’ll appreciate the fact that this kitty litter is composed of corn. It clumps very well, absorbs odors and may be flushed away after it’s been used. This cat litter is designed to trap solids, as well as liquids, and it traps them in compact clumps which won’t crumble.


Since the clumps stay intact, the cat litter lasts for a long time. As well, this formula isn’t created via strip-mining and it’s very light in weight. If you want an “easy scooping” solution which is friendly to people, pets and the planet, this may be the right kitty litter for you.


It’s nice to know that natural formulas are out there. These days, we’re all bombarded with an array of lab-created chemicals and these tend to be harsh. When you choose this formula, you won’t expose your pet to lab-created ingredients. Since is it made from corn, it gives good results the all-natural way.


Check Price on Amazon


3.) sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter


If you’re searching for a powerful cat litter formula which provides exceptional control of odors, while also clumping quickly, then this sWheat formula should be on your short list of possible purchases. This formula is so simple to scoop and it doesn’t contain perfume or dye.


As well, it’s recommended by veterinarians. When you select this multi-cat formula, you’ll be buying a cat litter which is one hundred percent biodegradable. It’s a perfect choice for homes where more than one cat is in residence. However, you don’t have to own more than one cat to use it. It works great in single-cat households, thanks to its impressive clumping power and odor control.


Check Price on Amazon

4.) Better Way Flushable Cat Litter


Better Way Flushable Cat LitterThis formula creates hardy clumps which are very easy to scoop out. It’s also got great odor-control properties. It will stop bad smells from urine and feces and it also has smaller granules which are gentle on tender paws. Better Way is an excellent brand and the team at Better Way add Sanel cat attractant to the company’s highly-rated and flushable cat litter.


This attractant makes it easier for kittens to get potty-trained. Also, it helps cats who are older (and who have become reluctant to use
their litter boxes) to get back into the habit.


Since the granules in this formula are so small, they stop urine from hitting the base of litter boxes. This assists with keeping litter boxes fresh and clean. Homes which have septic tanks aren’t the best homes to use this kitty litter in, so think about buying a different formula if you do have a septic tank.


If you don’t have a septic tank, you should definitely consider this cat litter. It’s got a lot of great features, it’s quite affordable (prices will vary based on retailer) and most cat owners who buy it really like it.


5.) Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter


Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter

This formula comes from one of the most trusted pet care product manufacturers in the world. It’s a Purina product and Purina is a company with a strong and positive business reputation. When you choose this four-in-one formula, it will neutralize odors from feces, urine and ammonia. As well, it’s got clumping action which is really powerful.


This formula is so easy to clean up and it will lock in moisture, which will help to keep your feline or felines comfortable and dry. As well, its odor control features are very advanced. This means that using this product will be one of the keys to keeping your home free of cat-related odors.


Most people trust Purina. The company also produces pet foods and they are known for being great for domestic animal health and wellness. If you want to buy from an established brand, this flushable cat litter from Purina is probably the best choice.


In terms of brand reputation, it’s the best flushable cat litter on the list.


How to Shop for Flushable Cat Litter


Flushable cat litter is out there online. If you want to do more research with a mind to deciding between the five cat litter formulas on our list, you should price the formulas across different online retailers. When you compare prices, you’ll find the best deal easily.


In general, one formula shouldn’t differ in price too much from another. After all, these companies are all in competition. However, by shopping around online and comparing prices, you may be able to save a few bucks.


Also, keep an eye out for free shipping and other perks. While these formulas are generally pretty low in weight, they will weigh something and shipping costs involve weight calculations. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you should be able to order any of the picks on our list there and access free shipping.


Also, consider brand. Have you had good experiences with a particular brand in the past? If so, it may be a good choice for you for flushable cat litter.


Lastly, we think that you should give some thought to customer reviews.  We’ve noticed that reviews for our five picks are very strong overall. However, new reviews of flushable cat litter products are added each and every day and you may find them online. When you read about the experiences of other cat owners, with particular cat litter products, you’ll gain a lot of valuable insight.


Once you’ve followed these tips, you should be ready to buy. Bear in mind that some products may contain more flushable cat litter per bag or container than others. So, consider this when pricing these products online. As well, you should think about costs per unit. For example, are there online retailers that offer lower costs per unit if you stock up by purchasing multiples of flushable cat litter products?


Now that you have the inside scoop on the best flushable cat litter products, why not choose one today? Any of our picks will be a smart buy. We’ve done the homework and research for you, with a mind to offering you all of the hard facts that you need. We want you to shop faster, easier and smarter.


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